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Child Gun Safety

Child Gun Safety

Keep guns out of the reach and out of sight of children by storing them securely. Leaving guns unsecured – on a nightstand, table, or other place where a child can gain access – can lead to injuries and fatalities. 

What Should Kids Understand About Guns?

Be sure to talk to your kids about guns, even if you do not have guns in your home. Kids need to know that guns are very dangerous. Teach yours to follow these rules if they see a gun:

Stop what they're doing.

Do not touch the gun, or allow anyone else to, even if it looks like a toy.

Leave the area where the gun is.

Tell an adult right away.

If you allow your child or teen to use a gun for recreation (including AirSoft, BB and Pellet guns), it is very important that you:

Store the gun unloaded and locked up. Do not give your child or teen the passcode or keys to get the gun out.

Make sure that your child or teen understands that it is never OK to handle a gun without a responsible adult there.

Teach your child or teen to assume a gun is loaded and never to point a gun at someone.

*Most importantly set a good example with your own safe gun handling practices.

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