**Give the gift of Life Saving Equipmnent!!!**

First Aid "Boo Boo" Kit

First Aid "Boo Boo" Kit

First Aid "Boo Boo" Kit
per unit

(20) Medium Band Aids, (20) Alcohol Pads {75%EtOH}, (20) Alcohol Q-tips, (20) Iodine Q-tips, (1) Adhesive wound dressing (6x7 cm), (1) roll half inch kerlex, (1) small pair of shears, (1) pair plastic forceps, (1) rubber tourniquet, (1) PBT/Gauze Bandage Roll {7.5 cmx4.5m). ***Lagniappe - (1) RFID card protector, (1) NAMT Sticker***

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