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Individual First Aid Kit - Every Day Carry (EDC) "Durham IFAK"

Individual First Aid Kit - Every Day Carry (EDC) "Durham IFAK"

Individual First Aid Kit - Every Day Carry (EDC) "Durham IFAK"
per IFAK

Durham IFAK contains (1) CAT 7 Tourniquet, (1) Compressed Emergency Trauma Dressing 4 inch bandage, (1) Vented Chest Seal (1) pair Nitrile Gloves, (1) 5 inch Trauma Shears, (1) mini marker (black), (1) 4.5 inch x 4.1 yards Rolled Gauze Bandage (1) Mini Roll Duct Tape ***Lagniappe*** (1) CPR Mask (1) Noir Armory Velcro Patch, (1) Noir Armory Sticker.

IFAK - Durham is named in honor of James Durham (Derham) who was born in 1762 in Philadelphia. He lived and worked most of his early life as a slave, owned by slaveholders who were themselves doctors. Dr. James Durham has been widely acknowledged as the first recognized African American to be a physician in the United States. He either paid for or was given his freedom (reports vary) and was permitted to practice among the freemen and slaves of New Orleans. He was popular for his medical knowledge but also his fluency in speaking French, English, and Spanish. Slaves and African-American freemen were not permitted to consult a white doctor. For those people, Durham would have made a big difference. Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and a well-respected physician of the day, visited New Orleans and was introduced to James Durham. He is quoted as saying about Durham: “I conversed with him on medicine and surgery and found him learned. I thought I could give him information concerning the treatment of disease, but I learned more from him than he could expect from me.” (From the Journal of the National Medical Association, Volume 4, No.1.) 

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